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Working with the power of the new moon: new moon ritual

Every month our moon cycles through different phases. From new moon to first quarter, from full moon to last quarter – after which the cycle starts all over again. Each phase brings its own unique energy. So depending on the current phase of the moon, you’re able to use those energies to reflect, let go, set intentions and goals, and so on. In this article I’ll dive deeper into the power of the new moon and show you a step-by-step new moon ritual to use this energy to your advantage!

The power of the new moon

The new moon is the beginning of the moon cycle. At that point, she is barely visible in the night sky. No surprise then that this phase is all about “new beginnings”. You can use this energy to set new goals, to kick off a new project or to set intentions for the upcoming moon cycle. The power of the new moon will support you in this.

What you’ll need for the new moon ritual

One way to harness the power of the new moon is by holding a ritual.

What you’ll need:

  • Pen, paper and a candle (this can also be a tealight).
  • A place to set up a gemstone/crystal grid. You should be able to leave the grid there until the next new moon.
  • Gemstones and crystals that correspond with your intention/goal/project, plus some additional clear quartz crystal points. If you don’t have a crystal collection, just work with what you have: stones or natural elements from the woods (pinecones, flowers, nuts, seeds, etc) work just as well. It’s all about the intention!
  • A generator that we’ll put in the middle of the grid. A generator is a somewhat bigger gemstone or crystal that has a clearly defined point. Clear quartz is always an excellent choice, but you are free to use any other gemstone or crystal in the shape of a generator. In case you don’t have a generator, you could also use a pointy regular stone, or a pointy stub of wood (you could even carve one!).
  • A wand (yes, a magic wand! 😉), preferably of clear quartz but any other gemstone or crystal will also work (as will that special wooden stick you found in the forest).
  • Incense (or dried sage/palo santo), an auraspray or a singing bowl to energetically clear the space you are performing the ritual in.
  • Optional: a tarot/oracle deck.

Step 1 – Cleanse the energy and light a candle

On the night of the new moon (you can find the exact date here) you start the ritual by energetically cleansing the space you’re in. You can do this by burning incense (or dried sage/palo santo) and wafting the smoke around the room. Do not forget to cleanse your own aura aswell! Instead of incense, you can also use an auraspray or the sound of a singing bowl to do this energetic cleanse. Next up, light a candle (preferably in the spot where you’ll be placing your grid later on).

Step 2 – Meditate

It doesn’t have to be a long meditation, just enough to let yourself sink deeper into your body, clear any negative energy and to call back any of your own energy that is currently lingering elsewhere. Fill your aura with your own energy (from your source or sun, whichever you prefer) and don’t forget to sign it with your name and the date of that day. I prefer a more visual meditation over complete “silence in my head”, but whatever meditation helps to get you in your body and in the present moment, feel free to do that instead.

Step 3 – Write down your wish, intention, goal or project

After you’ve meditated, grab your piece of paper and pen. It doesn’t have to be a big piece, because we’re going to fold it up later and place it underneath the generator. On this piece of paper, write down your goal, intention or the new project you’re about to start.
If you don’t have a clear picture in mind, take a bit of time to feel what it is you need at this moment. You could also draw a card from a tarot or oracle deck to help guide you in the right direction. When the feeling comes through, see if you can form a fitting intention or wish to accompany it. This is all very personal of course, and it can take many shapes and forms.

For example: “This new moon on [insert date] shines a light on peace, calm and relaxation.”,
or “I wish to be one step closer to my dream job.”,
or “I wish to receive energetic support on project [X] that I’m about to kick off – and welcome vigor, optimism and self confidence.”.

Maybe it feels better for you to visualise the energy you want to attract or focus on? I’ve made several collages in the past and those work just as well as written words.

The most important thing is that the message (or visual) on that piece of paper feels right for you at that moment.

Step 4 – Build your grid and activate it

Fold that piece of paper up till it’s small enough to fit underneath the generator. Place it in the middle of the spot where you plan on setting up your grid and put your generator on top of it. Grab your gemstones, crystals and clear quartz crystal points to build your grid. There is no right or wrong way to do it, the most important thing is to follow your intuition and work with what you got. Heck, you could even use stones from the woods or your backyard. Be creative! When I started building grids back in the days, I had a very small crystal collection compared to now.
If you’re working with clear quartz crystal points, be sure to have the points face towards the generator (inward). Whenever you feel your grid is finished (you’ll feel this intuitively), you can grab your wand. Again, this could also be a wooden stick from the forest, it’s merely a tool to focus your energy with intention. Use your wand to gently tap your generator, move on to the stone/item closest to it, then go back and tap your generator again. Move to the stone/item closest to the last one you tapped, tap it and move back to your generator to tap it again. It doesn’t matter where you start as long as you move in a clockwise direction. Use this tapping motion to connect each stone/item with the generator and do this 3 times total.

Now this is important: while you are activating your grid by tapping, try to focus as best you can on your intention/goal/project – aka the message you have written for yourself on that piece of paper. After you finish your third round of tapping you can place your wand near your grid if you like. Your grid is now activated! If you place your hand above your grid, you should be able to feel energy flowing from the tip of the generator.

Step 5 (optional) – Draw a card

Personally, I really enjoy drawing a card during my new moon ritual. This could be beforehand (when I’m formulating my intention but don’t have a clear picture yet) or afterwards, to see if any additional insights want to come through.

After the ritual

Just leave the grid in the same spot until the next new moon. One more thing: it’s important that nobody else touches your grid. From experience I know that a grid can have an incredibly magnetic pull on people (and children!): they love to get their hands on it! Try to avoid this, as you want nothing but your own energy flowing around this grid.
If you feel like it, you can also light a candle near your grid. I always think of that as a nice way to send my energy and focus to the grid and thus my intention/goal/project.

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