How to: energetically cleanse your workspace

In these times (of Corona) there’s a big chance you’re working from home. It’s therefore even more important now to keep your workspace energetically clean. That way, you’ll have a workspace that energetically supports you (while you’re chasing your dreams😉) and old energy can flow right out the door! In this article I’ll tell you more about how to cleanse your workspace.


When thinking of an energetic cleanse, most people assume it’s only about clearing negative energy. This is indeed a big part of it but what’s maybe even more important is the intention you give to your space during the cleanse. What energy do you want to bring in? Supportive energy? Invigorating energy? Energy to help you communicate or that has your back in your creative endeavors? Make sure you have a clear intention before you start your energetic cleanse! You can even further incorporate this intention into your cleansing ritual, by using for example certain essential oils or scents.


The method that is most associated with energetically cleansing a space is of course smudging! With smudging you utilize the properties of smoke to get stagnant energy moving and to clear away any negative energy. You can smudge by using a traditional smudge stick (often made of dried sage), but not everyone is fond of this smell. My husband didn’t like sage at all, so I tend to use palo santo instead because this scent is more gentle and sweet. You can also use incense, natural resins or essential oils (in a diffuser). Try to use a scent that has cleansing properties, such as sage, palo santo, lavender, frankincense, camomile or bergamot.

But how do you smudge a space? Very simple! First: check if there’s a smoke detector nearby and – if yes – turn it off temporarily. Walk around the perimeter of the room and waft the smoke around. Walk along all four walls, trace the smoke around any door frames or window posts. Give some extra attention to any dark corners in your room, because unwanted energy tends to linger there.
While smudging, try to keep your intention for this space in mind as well. When you’re done you can open a window if you like, to clear the space of residual smoke. And don’t forget to turn on your smoke alarm again!

Singing bowls

Another way to cleanse your space energetically, is by using the vibrations of a singing bowl. Walk around your room – striking your singing bowl as you go – and let the vibrations clear up any negative or stagnant energy. Again, keep your intention in mind as you cleanse the space.
A singing bowl is a nice alternative if you don’t like (the smell of) smoke but it might not be the best method to use when you have a little one sleeping in the other room.


There are also gemstones and crystals that have healing properties and can help you energetically cleanse your workspace. A well known “all purpose cleaner” is selenite. Selenite is a white stone with a mesmerizing luster when it catches the light. This stone is capable of transmuting negative energy and can also cleanse other gemstones and crystals of negative energy. Selenite itself doesn’t absorb negative energy and is thus self-cleansing. Place a piece of selenite near your workspace (or on your desk) and you don’t have to worry about it.

Another crystal that helps with clearing negative energy, is smokey quartz. Smokey quartz looks a bit like clear quartz, but has more of a brown to dark grey color. Place the crystal on your desk or nearby your workspace. Contrary to selenite, smokey quartz is not self-cleansing and therefore needs to be cleansed and charged regularly. Don’t worry, I have an article on this!


What many people don’t know is that rainbows have energy cleansing properties and – as an added bonus – also help to elevate the energy in a room. I have multiple so-called rainbow makers set up around the house. These are big faceted glass beads or droplets that cast rainbow light whenever the sunlight hits them. I even have some that are solar powered, meaning that the glass crystals start turning when the light hits them; turning my house into a rainbow disco! If that’s not uplifting, I don’t know what is!


Aurasprays are mostly used to cleanse someone’s aura but they can certainly also be used to energetically cleanse a space! Aformentioned scents such as sage, palo santo, lavender, frankincense, camomile or bergamot can also be used here. Just spritz a few times before you start working and whenever your working day is done. It will feel like an energetic refresher!

The frequency with which you need to cleanse your workspace depends on many different things and is very personal. Generally, it’s good practice to do a cleanse at the beginning of each week. But ultimately it’s up to you to feel what suits you best. If you take a little bit of time to ground yourself and feel out the energy in the room, you’ll soon notice if it’s time to do a (small) cleanse.

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