“Journey” [Energy Art Collection]


An original mixed media art piece titled “Journey” that was intuitively created by Anouk.

A complex piece that literally was quite the journey to create! When the light catches it you can see a rainbow of different colors which contrasts nicely with the black speckles.
It’s meant to support you on your spiritual journey, both in finding your purpose (that what makes your heart sing) aswell as finding grounding and stability within yourself (you are good enough). It resonates with many different chakra’s but the lower three chraka’s (root, sacral and solar plexus) are the most prominent.

It features shades of peach, orange, ochre and a splash of turquoise and violet. This art piece is not flat, it contains a bit of texture.

This artwork is attuned by me to energies of: selflove, grounding, finding your purpose and healing.

There is only one copy of this artwork available for purchase, so if you feel a connection to this piece: don’t wait for too long!

You will receive the signed, original artwork from the photo, without frame, delivered in a sturdy cardboard envelope to protect it from bending.

Size: A4 (297x210mm), cut by hand so please allow for some margin.

Only 1 left in stock

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A4 (297x210mm), cut by hand so please allow for some margin.

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Items from my Energy Art Collection are generally shipped withinin 2-3 business days (origin: the Netherlands). Exact delivery will depend on where you are situated in the world. However, all orders are trackable using a PostNL track & trace link that will be provided to you after the order is shipped.

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