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7. Covenant
Sacred Contract

You are being invited now by the Universe to enter into a sacred contract. The Covenant card may also be a call to recognize that an ancient agreement you made with Spirit needs to be renewed… or canceled and torn up. Is an opportunity showing up right now that is full of promise, but you are unable to sign and seal the deal and commit to it? The reason is that it needs to be elevated to a sacred Covenant. 

A Covenant must be founded on the Truth. Not “your” truth or “his” truth or “her” truth, but a greater Truth that takes the destiny of all into account. The Covenant is not about your agenda only. Spirit must be invited to come to the table as a guarantor of the good faith of all and to ensure that the direction you are embarking in will be for the greater good. 

It’s important that you understand what you are signing up for: Be sure to read the fine print, so as not to commit to something you will soon regret or that will compromise your integrity. Do not hesitate to put all your own cards on the table so that your motives and desires are transparent, and nothing is left in darkness. When shadow elements remain hidden, the Covenant breaks down and becomes a contract with an unspoken dark side that is inevitably fulfilled.

Crystal: labradorite

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