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47. Sky Bridge
Possibility for union

You stand before a seemingly unbreachable abyss, and there is no possibility of retreat. The path behind you is no longer a viable option. You have to act soon, though, or you run the risk of being stuck at the edge of the cliff. 

Life has brought you to this moment to offer you as-yet-undreamt-of possibilities. But you must no longer postpone what you know to be inevitable. And yes, you are allowed a breath or two before the leap, so take a bit of time to yourself. Get away for a day or two of contemplation, or even for just a few minutes’ walk to clear your head. Muster your courage so that you may cross the Sky Bridge. 

Sky Bridge appears when the moment is absolutely right for a quantum leap. Life believes you are ready, even if you do not agree. Remember not to confuse your true state of readiness with your plans and preparation. Respond with  determined yes, and let the Universe take care of the details. You need only hold on to your positive affirmation, and the way will become obvious as you take flight and clear the abyss. 

Crystal: kambaba jasper

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