Custom Oracle Card

What is it? How is it created? And how can you use it to connect with your soul?

What is a Custom Oracle Card?

A Custom Oracle Card is a handcrafted piece of art that reflects someone’s soul energy. 

The idea came into being by combining my love for mixed media art with my inherent spiritual nature.

The first one I ever made, was for my late husband – who loved it! – and after a few more tries I decided to start offering them.

The original size (a “skinny” A7) closely resembles that of an oracle or tarot card. Though I do offer larger sizes now as well.

The magic

For me, the creation process of these artworks is really something  magical! Above all, it requires a huge amount of trust. For the customer never knows upfront what the card will look like and neither do I.

I have to trust that I’m creating the Custom Oracle Card that reflects their unique soul energy. And in return, they have to trust that they’ll receive the artwork that they are meant to have at that time.

I’m fascinated by this shared faith and I have yet to encounter someone who didn’t fall in love with their Custom Oracle Card!  💛

The creation process

After reading all this, you might be curious as to HOW I actually create these cards. 

Well, in order to create it I will first need a photo and full name of the person I’m creating the card for.

Then, I’ll start my creative session by making sure to energetically cleanse my workspace, using an auraspray. I’ll also light a candle and intuitively pick any crystals I want to have near me.

Next, I reach out energetically to the person whose energy I’m portraying and ask permission to channel their soul energy. I do this using Reiki (for which I have attunements I and II). Once I receive permission, I start channeling and begin creating the actual artwork.

I use all kinds of different media during this process: collage, acrylic paint, gouache, intuitive writing, watercolor, pencil, inks, pastel, foil, glitter, and so on.

I keep on adding to the artpiece intuitively, until I feel the Custom Oracle Card is finished.

Once finished, I close the session by attuning it to universal energies of abundance, positivity and love.

How you can use it to connect with your soul

As briefly mentioned, you can use your Custom Oracle Card to connect with your soul. During the creation process I’ll ask your soul to send through any insights or messages that you need to hear at this moment in time.

These insights and/or messages are yours to unlock by connecting with your Custom Oracle Card. Some people like to meditate while holding their card. Others like to take a moment to observe the details of their card visually and let any messages come through that way. Intuitive writing (“morning pages”) is also a great tool to uncover any insights from your soul. Just keep it nearby while you write and let any messages come through without judgement.

You can also use it to represent your energy in a (new) house, office or studio. Finding a lovely spot for it and taking a quick look at every day will also slowly but surely strengthen the connection with your soul!

The perfect gift to yourself or someone special

Since the Custom Oracle Card can be beneficial to anyone, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey, it makes for a really great and unique gift.

Deeply spiritual and one-of-a-kind, this gift will certainly be cherished by whomever is lucky to receive it! 

This could of course also be yourself! Many people order a Custom Oracle Card to support themselves on their spiritual journey. Or even just because they’re curious to see what their soul energy looks like. And let’s admit, we’re all curious about that right?!

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